Filming at Combat Stress


For news crews:

Our expert staff and veterans are available for interview. Please contact Nicola Hudson with your request or call Nicola on 01372 587168

For documentary / film makers:

Thank you for your interest in filming at Combat Stress. All filming at Combat Stress must be arranged through our Communications Department in advance and supervised by one of our team. If you would like to interview a veteran or spokesperson, we can help set this up.

To make a request, please complete a filming application form and send it to Nicola Hudson We typically require two to three weeks to process a filming request, in order to make the necessary arrangements. 

Things to bear in mind when filming at Combat Stress:

  • We support veterans with mental health issues, and the care and support for them is paramount. We reserve the right to terminate an interview or replace an interviewee on advice from our clinical colleagues.
  • All filming must be supervised by a member of the Combat Stress Communications Department who will be in attendance at all times.
  • Crews must remain in the agreed locations and will be accompanied by us if they wish to move to other areas.
  • Crews must not change the premises in anyway i.e. move furniture or artwork without our consent. Anything that is moved must be changed back once the filming is complete.Filming and photography can be accommodated Monday to Friday. Requests for weekend filming will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Crews must have their own insurance policies to cover damage to Combat Stress items or property and public liability insurance.
  • We must know in advance if you need to use our electrical sockets. If you do, all items must display a PAT sticker showing they have passed the test and everything needs to be plugged in via circuit breakers which you must provide.
  • We need the names and vehicle details of all those attending, in advance of the filming.
  • We have many experts who are willing to be filmed, please speak to us to find out more.
  • Given the high volume of requests we receive, we are only able to meet with production companies that have a commission.


Where can you film?

When veterans attend a treatment centre, they live on site during their stay. Veterans will be undertaking intensive therapy programmes and crews must be sensitive to this. If there is a risk that filming could interfere with a veteran's treatment, we may not be able to accommodate filming. There are some limitations as to what can be filmed. We do not allow therapy to be filmed, even if the audio is not recorded. 

We must also protect veterans' privacy - for many reasons some of them will not want to be filmed, even if they are in soft focus.

We have a variety of locations where filming can take place and can discuss this with you:

  • Consulting rooms
  • Accommodation area
  • Library
  • Lounges
  • Games room
  • Activity Centre (including painting, music and woodwork)
  • Gym
  • Gardens
  • Sensory room

*Photo taken by Vicky Dawe.