Meetings and research trials

Part of the UK Trauma Group, Combat Stress ascribes to mainstream evidence-based practice. 

We receive over a hundred requests for Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate level research projects every year. We also receive similar requests to offer our facilities and patients to trial innovative treatments. 

As a matter of policy we do not offer meetings as we simply could not see everyone and have to make sure we use our time in the most efficient way for the Veterans who need our support.

Combat Stress is only able to consider requests received through the downloadable form below. The form must be completed and returned by post to the address provided.

Please note, It is also our policy not to take part in clinical trials utilising treatments that have no mainstream psychological theories as their basis; and we do not adopt or trial treatments that do not have a scientifically proven mainstream evidence base. 

All our treatments have to pass rigorous clinical governance regulations, as laid down by our clinical governance policies.

I would like to work with Combat Stress on a research project

Combat Stress have been involved in the publication of Masters and Doctoral theses which can be seen below.

- Doctoral theses

- Masters theses