Bonfire Night, we know it can be tough

Bonfire NightWe understand that Bonfire Night is difficult for Veterans’ with mental ill health and that preparation is very important to help you manage anxieties that develop during the season. 

To support you in your preparation we have written a few key techniques that may help you below:

Grounding techniques

As a flashback begins it is important to ground yourself in the present. Many of you will have a very personal sensual stimulant that can help with this. This might be a smell, taste, a photograph or an item that you touch.

This technique may also help you if you have not developed an a personal grounder, by touching and focussing on an item that is in the present, you can begin to bring yourself from the flashback back into your living room or wherever else you may actually be. 

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can also be very useful tools when you begin to feel anxious or panicked.

Deep Breathing – breathe in and hold for seven seconds, breathe out and hold for seven seconds.

This simple technique allows you to calm yourself during a panic attack and will help to reduce your anxiety.

You can also call our 24- Hour Helpline to speak to one of our advisers about mental health. Please call on 0800 138 1619