Patti Lomax visits Tyrwhitt House

Patti Lomax and Ed SwalesPatti Lomax's husband Eric was a Veteran of the Second World War, a prisoner of war forced to work on the Burma to Siam Railway, known as the Railway of Death. Eric told his story in the book 'The Railway Man' which, in 2013, was brought to screen in the critically acclaimed film of the same name.

Patti and Ed Swales, a keen supporter and fundraiser for Combat Stress, were given a tour of the treatment centre at Tyrwhitt House, Surrey. During their tour they met with members of our clinical team, learnt more about our Occupation Therapy programmes, and how our treatment programmes help Veterans to fight for a life free from psychological wounds. 

 Patti Lomax and Ed Swales during a recent fundraising event in the Scottish Boarders.