Bonhams exhibition supports Combat Stress

Bonhams exhibitionArt in Motion, an exhibition of new paintings by the well known artist Dexter Brown opened at the international auction house Bonhams in New Bond Street, London, last night running until 27 February.  Combat Stress will receive 50 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of the artworks.

Dexter Brown’s work is a favourite with collectors all over the world. He is particularly famous for his paintings of speeding racing cars and for portraits of famous actors. In the exhibition famous faces like; Peter Fonda from Easy Rider; Paul Newman and Katherine Ross in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; Steve McQueen and the Porsche 917 from Le Mansas well as his own Ferrari 275 GTB/4.  

Bonhams Chairman, Robert Brooks, said, “I have been a great admirer of Dexter Brown’s work for many years and am delighted that we are able to stage this exhibition at Bonhams and raise money for such a worthwhile cause.”

If you can, please take the time to visit the exhibition. Please follow this link to find out how to get there.