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Combat Stress employ nearly 400 staff across the UK.

All our staff are committed to raising awareness of veterans’ needs, and as such every single department, whether they are patient facing or behind the scenes, are conscious of putting veterans at the centre of their work. 

In order to be accessible to those that need help we employ up to 50 members of staff at each site qualified in varying disciplines to deliver psychological therapies and treatment to our veterans.  These staff include Recovery Support Workers, Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. We require the best staff to ensure that we are the experts at what we do and recognised as such.

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In order to maintain the grounds and interiors of our Treatment Centres we also employ a number of domestic and horticultural staff including gardeners, housekeepers, maintenance staff and drivers.  


We employ Community Teams who work and travel across 14 regions of the UK. Teams of three people cover each region. We have desk-based Community Administrators who sit within the Treatment Centres and co-ordinate the teams and process the various paperwork required for each of our veterans, in addition to this they are the first point of contact for any referrals. 

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The Head Office function of Combat Stress is based at Tyrwhitt House. Head Office currently has 54 members of staff and encompasses our Fundraising & Communications Department, Finance, IT, Human Resources and the Executive Management Team.