Living with someone with mental ill-health is tough

Peter & Rachel

"We have been through the mill. It put a great stress on us but Peter is a lot better now."

Rachel's story...


"Combat Stress saves lives and saves families. End of."   Read Anita's story...


We know that if you live with, or care about, someone with Service-related mental health problems, everyone in the home is affected.

Many Veterans' problems can stay hidden for years, and they and their families may try to deal with matters at home. In the meantime, relationships do suffer. Partners often tell us that it feels like they are walking on eggshells and tend to be in the front line for reactions. And children can find it difficult to cope with the situation too.

Often it is the partner who acts as a buffer between the Veteran and the world. Circumstances can lead to social isolation as friends fall away.

You are not alone.

Our 24-hour Helpline is for anyone affected by Service-related mental health problems, including family members. Please don't suffer in silence - talk to the Helpline on 0800 138 1619, text 07537 404 719 (standard charges may apply for texts) or email combat.stress@rethink.org


Children and young people

Children are affected by mental ill-health in many different ways. Niamh is 15 and has written two books about her experiences of living with a parent with PTSD. Sales of the books will support our work - find out more here.