Veterans’ Substance Misuse Case Management Service - Pilot Project

Substance Misuse Case Management - pilot

Many Veterans who seek our help have complex physical and mental health issues, including psychological injuries caused by their Service in the Armed Forces. Some of the mental health problems suffered may include depression, anxiety, panic attacks and – for a significant minority – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Alongside these, some people also have problems with substance misuse, for example using drugs or alcohol in ways that are harmful to their health. For many Veterans, their substance misuse can hide the symptoms of other disorders and make it difficult for them to ask for, or find, effective help and treatment. 

At Combat Stress we support Veterans by providing free clinical treatment for a range of mental health conditions, but it is important that Veterans are able to engage fully with our treatment programmes in order for them to be effective.  Unfortunately the misuse of substances such as alcohol can make this difficult.

That is why we have introduced a pilot Case Management Service to support Veterans who have mental ill-health and also require help to deal with substance misuse. We want Veterans to find the right treatment, so this Service will help them to get help for their substance misuse from the relevant specialists, as well as helping them to access mental health support. 

The Combat Stress Veterans’ Substance Misuse Case Management Service is run by specially trained nurses who understand the issues and can identify and help Veterans to access the right support from the right service, and is being piloted around the UK. 

To find help for your substance misuse, please click on the links below to find the nearest to your area: 

Forth Valley*, Glasgow*, Northumberland, Newcastle, and North Tyneside, PortsmouthWiltshire 

Practitioners are also available in the Queen Alexandra A&E department and the Recovery Hub in Portsmouth. We will shortly have staff in both Salford and the Trafford Community Mental Health Service in Greater Manchester.


*Partly funded by the Big Lottery Fund.  

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