Support for Reservists

At Combat Stress, we know that Serving your country can take its toll. We are here to offer treatment and support to both volunteer and Regular Reservists who are suffering from mental ill-health as a result of your Service career. All of our services are free of charge.

We understand the unique problems Reservists can face.

We know that, just like full-time "Regular" colleagues, Reservists can also suffer from PTSD and other mental health problems. At Combat stress we recognise that many Volunteer Reservists face a very different situation from that of Regulars.

We understand thatWe can Help 2

  • it can be difficult to join into "tight knit" Regular Units, and on leaving you often won't see these people again.
  • some of you might not return as a Reservist for many months or leave the Forces all together, and that this separation from the military community can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • back in your main job, you may have found that colleagues and managers don't understand what you have been through. And that some colleagues who may have shouldered extra work while you were mobilised, may even resent your absence.
  • once the euphoria and happiness of homecoming wears off, family life can become strained when you settle back to "normal" work and family life. Home life can seem a bit hum-drum compared to the pace and adrenalin of operational military life.
  • switching between your civilian and military ways of life can leave you feeling isolated and find it difficult to cope - particularly if you are also struggling to come to terms with traumatic experiences you may have witnessed or been directly involved in whilst mobilised.


If any of this seems familiar, get in touch with your unit, GP, or us.

Who we can help

We can support members of the Reserve Forces when they are not mobilised:

  • Regular Reserve (Fleet, Army & RAF)
  • Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)
  • Royal Marines Reserve (RMR)
  • Army Reserves (AR) - previously the Territorial Army (TA)
  • Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF)
  • Sponsored Reserves
  • Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS)
  • Additional Duties Commitment (ADC)
  • Veterans (ex-Service men and women of Regular and Reserve Forces, and the Merchant Navy).

You do not need to have served in combat to access any of our services.

Whoever you are, if you (or someone you are close to) have trouble sleeping, get flashbacks, feel depressed, get anxious sometimes, get angry, or just feel that something's not quite right, we are here to help. Follow this link to email your nearest Combat Stress Team.