Symptoms of trauma

People react to traumatic experiences in different ways.  Here are some symptoms you may recognise:


  • Feeling isolated
  • Frequent periods of withdrawal into oneself
  • Nightmares/flashbacks/insomnia
  • Anger or aggressive behaviour
  • Feeling distrustful and suspicious/blaming others
  • Misuse of alcohol/drugs/gambling and/or food
  • Seeking out high-risk/dangerous pursuits
  • Work-related or relationship problems
  • Feeling numb and empty
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Self harm and self-destructive tendencies
  • Being easily moved to tears
  • Avoidance of people and places
  • Panic attacks/anxiety/depression/mood swings.


If you (or someone you know) may be suffering from any of the above, please get in touch by following this link or by calling the Combat Stress 24-Hour Helpline 

Helpline Image


The Helpline is for the military community (Serving or Veterans) and their families, as well as for medical professionals and can advise on various issues from mental health to practical support. Call us on 0800 138 1619 text: 07537 404 719  (standard charges may apply for texts), or email: