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Our brand

Our brand

Sue Freeth, CEO of Combat Stress said:

“Last year we reviewed our image and brand awareness and found that in spite of supporting veterans for almost 100 years, many people thought Combat Stress was a new charity. The majority of our veterans and supporters felt that our ‘look and feel’ didn’t reflect the warmth and self-confidence veterans felt they received when they met us.  It was clear to us we needed to update our brand to get our voice heard, reach veterans in need of our help and appeal to new supporters to donate to us.

“As part of the brand project, we spoke to veterans, supporters, potential supporters and our funders in depth so that our updated brand would appeal to them all.

“After careful consideration, we felt it was essential to invest in the Combat Stress brand to help us connect more effectively with more veterans in need of our help, reach more supporters and raise more money.

“The vast majority of our income is spent on veteran treatment and support (84p in every £1). We then spend 14p on fundraising and 2p on raising awareness and improving access."