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Bring them home

"I'd completely lost it."

Colin struggled adjusting to civilian life after serving in the Army for 18 years.

“I was having problems sleeping and I was getting more and more irritable. Within six months of leaving the Army I was getting divorced.

“Bouts of aggression caused problems at work, and I kept having time off. I’d completely lost it.”

Eventually Colin was referred to Combat Stress, where he was diagnosed with delayed-onset PTSD, depression and anxiety. He then went on to complete our six-week PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme.

“It was like somebody had suddenly lifted a weight off my shoulders…Combat Stress opened my eyes to what’s wrong with my mental health and how I can look after it.”

Your donation today will help more veterans like Colin leave the battlefield behind.

"Combat Stress turned my life around."

After being deeply affected by his second tour to Iraq, Aeran turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. As a result, he was discharged from the Army in 2008.

Aeran tried to get on with civilian life, but a year after his discharge his mental health symptoms returned.

“I could feel myself falling into a deep depression. I’d work Monday to Friday and then drink all weekend. 

“My girlfriend at the time would wake up to me screaming in my sleep, and one time when she tried to wake me I flew at her.”

In desperation, Aeran called the Combat Stress Helpline. Shortly after this, Aeran was diagnosed with PTSD and he completed our six-week PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme.

Aeran has since undergone training to become a Peer Support group volunteer for Combat Stress.

"I have the fire in my belly again and I've got drive."

For the last 100 years we’ve helped veterans like Aeran rebuild their lives. A gift from you could help us be here for veterans today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

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