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Gallantry Art announces their support

Gallantry Art announces their support

We are pleased to announce that Gallantry Art will be kindly supporting Combat Stress.

The online gallery, that exclusively sells artwork created by both serving personnel and former servicemen and women, will be donating 10% of profits to help support the work we do to help former servicemen and women with mental health problems.

Adam Holmes, Founder of Gallantry Art said;

"We chose to support Combat Stress as we felt there is a natural link between their use of Art Therapy for veterans and our belief that it is often the story behind the artist that makes good art great.

“We know that many of our artists have come through one of the charity’s programmes, so we are very aware of the positive impact of their work. We hope that by offering a platform exclusively for armed forces artists, we are able to share their stories and talents, providing our customers with powerful and meaningful art they can be proud to own."

Robert Marsh, Director Income Generation said:

“We are delighted that Gallantry Art has chosen to support Combat Stress.

“It’s vital that we raise awareness and funds for the charity so we can continue to support every veteran that comes to us for help. The money we receive from Gallantry Art will help us to achieve this.

“Veterans at Combat Stress have the chance to explore art through occupational therapy and art therapy. Many veterans find they unlock a hidden talent or interest in this way. It’s positive that this initiative will help support these veterans by offering a way that they can sell their artwork.”

Tom Stimpson, a veteran who received treatment at Combat Stress, is one of the veterans selling his artwork through the website:

“I attended a residential treatment programme with Combat Stress in 2015 and it soon became apparent that, for me, art therapy was key. I began to open up and process things I had pushed to the back of the mind. I say ‘what the eye sees, the soul captures’.

Artwork by Tom Stimpson
Artwork by Tom Stimpson

“I still use painting when I’m having a bad day, it helps me to reflect on how I’m feeling and often those feelings come out in the art I create.

“Art is a great mindfulness technique and I find I get lost in it. When I’m painting, I’m in the picture and it takes my mind off how I’m feeling.

“I started art during my recovery, it turned in to a hobby and now I’m hopeful that it will turn in to a career. That would be the full journey, to create a job from the thing that I love.

“I’m looking forward to selling my artwork through the gallery and it’s great that sales will also help support Combat Stress.”

Tom’s artwork and artwork created by other veterans is available to buy at