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What happens when you ring the Helpline?

You will hear a short recorded message about confidentiality and then there's a brief silence whilst your call is added to our call handling system. Your call will then be answered by one of our Helpline advisors. If all the advisors are busy, you can either hold or leave a message so we can call you back.

How many times can I call the Helpline?

You can call as many times as you like. Callers are often passed on to one of our nurses to start the process to receive help and support for their mental health.

Get help now

0800 138 1619

Call our free 24 hour helpline for veterans and serving military personnel and their families.

What sort of advice will I get?

You will find out what help is available from Combat Stress, and other organisations who also provide support for veterans.

What happens if I'm in a crisis situation?

We are open all day every day providing emotional support and advice, but we are not a crisis service. If you call us and are in crisis, we'll find someone who can help like the Samaritans or the Accident and Emergency department at your local hospital.