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Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund donates over £31,000 for innovative project

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund donates over £31,000 for innovative project

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund (LPF) has donated £31,300 to fund training and equipment for Combat Stress’ new and unique sensory programme.

People use techniques in their everyday lives to cope when feeling stressed or anxious, such as gardening or exercising. However, veterans with mental health problems often resort to unhealthy coping strategies such as substance misuse, risk-taking or over-exercising.

The funding from LPF will enable Combat Stress’ 20 occupational therapists to deliver sensory techniques to more than 1,500 veterans in the next year at our centres and in the community. Through this, veterans will better understand their mental health, develop coping strategies and improve their recovery.

Techniques will include:

  • The development of sensory rooms at our three centres, allowing veterans to explore the specific activities and strategies that work for them
  • Occupational therapists in the community using ‘sensory suitcases’ with sensory equipment, such as stress balls, music and blankets
  • Activity options being made available to veterans at our centres and community workshops, such as pottery and exercise equipment

Robert Marsh, Director Income Generation at Combat Stress, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund for their generous grant.

“Each year we receive more than 2,000 referrals from former servicemen and women with trauma-related mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Combat Stress was the first charity in the UK to incorporate occupational therapy into veterans’ mental health treatment. Veterans benefit enormously from this range of support by developing the tools and skills to rebuild their lives.”

LPF has made donations this year of more than £300,000 to nine charities to support the Armed Forces and their families.

Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman of Lloyd’s, said: “As a trustee of Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund, I am delighted we are able to support so many worthwhile charities with vital funds to launch and develop new projects that meet the changing needs of today’s veterans.”

LPF is the oldest military charity of its kind and has supported the military and ex-military community on behalf of the Lloyd’s market for over two hundred years. Find out more here.