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The At Ease Appeal

Combat Stress The At Ease Appeal

Help veterans
to be themselves

The At Ease Appeal

We've been providing cutting-edge support to veterans with mental health problems from every Service and every conflict for 100 years. 

Our need for funding is even more crucial today as greater numbers of younger veterans come forward to seek our help much sooner than in the past.

We need to be even more accessible, agile and responsive to continue to provide our vital services and to introduce new innovative services to meet the needs of veterans now and in the future. 

So in our 100th year, we are launching 'The At Ease Appeal' to help more veterans to be themselves again. 

This appeal must raise an extra £10m over the next three years to help fund our world-renowned treatment and transform how we best deliver support to veterans.

Money raised during The At Ease Appeal will help us to continue to provide crucial services such as our world class PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme, short-stay clinical treatment, occupational therapy and our free 24-Hour Helpline. 

The needs of veterans seeking help for mental health problems are changing. With your help we can support veterans in a way that fits around the demands of life today. 

Help us take this urgent step forward in veteran mental health treatment by donating today.